Orang yang bahagia itu akan selalu menyediakan waktu untuk membaca kerana membaca itu sumber hikmah, menyediakan waktu untuk tertawa kerana tertawa itu muzik jiwanya, menyediakan waktu untuk berfikir kerana berfikir itu pokok kemajuan, menyediakan waktu untuk beramal kerana beramal itu pokok kejayaan, menyediakan waktu untuk bersenda kerana bersenda itu akan membuat muda selalu dan menyediakan waktu untuk beribadat kerana beribadat itu adalah ibu dari segala ketenangan jiwa.....

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Emel Untuk Doctor Heba


hye doc. how r u.. hope u doing fine. im sorry for not see you after the exam. because i already fly back to malaysia to meet my family. my mom sends u a regard. and say thank you to you because of take care of my lesson etc.. n maybe for being a "second mother" here in egypt.

ive passed the exam last year parasitology got highest marks compare to other subject. a big thankful for you and another doctor because of your effort. we were so grateful to have lecturers like you all. :)

i bet u already my friend zulkhairi. he's my housemate. n he already told me that you angry because im not meet you. a big sorry again and i will try to meet you whenever i free. now im in 4th year and it is so nice! n not so harsh than the 3rd year. hope i doing so good this year

in this emel i send you one of our picture which i think dis is the best picture taken the whole last semester. i hope it can be a precious moments to you!


byk buat mistake mase taip. dan terus send lepas taip. panik sangat budak2 3rd cakap "im a very bad student"